Ramblings of a roasted soul…

**I have become a charcoal version of what I was 1 month back …something like a roasted chick exported to Chennai from Assam… Sometimes I wonder if God mistakenly exchanged by hands with that of a Christmas turkey on a dining table while I was sleeping … sob sob…

**It seems the whole family of summer has landed in Chennai for vacation… Sun blazing with all its might as if trying to win the place of God of Destroyer… what wrong did a poor soul like me do to face its wrath…

**The speed at which the fan in my hot case… err… my room rotate would even make the lizards and the cockroaches sweat (and they have this penchant to suddenly appear at oddest hours when the sun is no longer there… leading to some record breaking high jumps)… now as the sweat glands are working overtime … the olfactory nerves are having a hard time… Wondering how we survive without AC… tough girls …(author pretending a brave face)

**My sister is much more stylish and up-to-date with the latest trend than me… I feel like an ancient witch who has mixed up her broom with her hair… and even though I’m in IT, my bro is the whiz kid having all the new tech information which makes me look like a prehistoric caveman still rubbing stones to light fire…

**My hero and I were about to go boating when a real beautiful girl passed by… I showed her to him…
“Why don’t you also get your hair straightened”
“arey no… its not good for hair… ”
“Is ladki ko tou style marna aata hi nahi”
“arey hair shine will go …”
“tou abb konsa shine hai....”
Next time if a black dog chases him and sits near his bike… I am not going to shoo it away even if he run towards me, scared out off his life … hmmm… {author smiling devilishly}

**Last month when I was in Kolkata, TCS was having fire drill… the BIPL building is having 18 floors and the 18th floor belonged to TCS… poor guys had to walk down all the way down … thank god Chennai buildings are not that tall…
Enough Ramblings for today... Sometimes I wonder if my life is only full of this... but Its only these rambling and bamblings that make my life more enjoyable each day...
Wish you all a peaceful Night ...


  1. interesting !! loved to read the convo with your hero :D

  2. realy pad ke maja aaya ........keep writing :)

  3. @Pretty Me
    thanks a lot :D

    @My opinion
    Thanks a lot :D

  4. hey!! rambling make life beautiful...nahi to sab kuch ..so prototype...agreed?.

    not fashion crazy?...rare species yaar!

    p.s: u in tcs. enjoy :)

  5. @Neeraj
    ya I guess so... no Im in CTS :)


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