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The weather outside is soothing… a perfect blend of winter and summer … cool breeze is blowing … reminding me of the Besant Nagar beach … which now seems so far … its been ages since I felt the tingling sand beneath my feet ... Every time I count the days remaining to go back… its always 1 month left … we are already 2 months overdue … my stay in Kolkata seems tiring now…


Life has become a series of testing and debugging … we code events in our life and then it gets tested for defects and its aftereffects … feel so programmed … everything around me is so mechanical … each time I think the ‘story of coding’ is over, a new requirement appears… followed by another set of Null Pointer Exceptions … each time I test… Plop!!!!… a new defect emerges… laughing at me … as if it was waiting for the right time to taunt me …

I envy the freedom of clouds … its flexibility to transform into different forms…


Traffic in Kolkata is so horrible … even the most skilled driver would shudder to drive with vehicles zooming from all over the road … Right , left and center…
As if that was not enough the municipal corporation has indulged in road digging spree … digging roads at the center … adding a little more zigg to the already rickety so-called-truck-resembling buses … and we passengers would do a waltz, rumba and salsa along with the jhatka -matka of the bus…


Every time I wait for an auto in a queue, the autos will be get fully occupied by the person right in front of me … and when I am the first person in the line… the autos will take ages to come … as if Murthy is obsessed with proving his point…


Whenever I try to write for a poetry title contest … even for the most happiest, joyful title, I come up with the traged’iest’ content … as if the sky has fallen on me….


I carry two cell-phones… one pre-paid, one post-paid … whenever there’s no balance in the prepaid one … for some strange reason my post-paid one start throwing tantrums… it would either fail to catch network, will show battery low or will not connect to any phone … as if both the phones have pledged – Jina Marna saath saath … or may be to tease whatever tit-bits of sanity I have left …


Oh God, Oh Lord …please stop tingling my patience … its completely Public Static Void …

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  1. Here its simmering hot :(
    So you are a programmmer? I am allergic to codes ;-)
    What is public static void? :-?
    Now-a-nights my net connection is failing me :( testing my patience and making it go haywire :-|

  2. @Viajero
    yup programmer to the core ...
    public static void is a java code used for classes... :)
    thanks for visiting :)

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  4. truck-resembling buses … "

    I felt the same 10 years back ..i wondered then..as to why would does something as prehistoric as the kolkata bus still exist...but today i want to ride on one before it is relegated to some museum ...i just hope the crisp longish tickets havent changed their form yet..i wonder if they still sell those 50 paise "logenze" and the black gooeey chatpata stuff on the buses?...:)

    I followed you from Arti's blog..the "Jorhat" tag grabbed my initial attention...a place which has been a fairy tale land for me..:)..

  5. yup still they sell those logenze :) and the tickets are still crisp and longish :)

    thanks for visiting :)


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