Slain Morals

Slain Morals

Honesty - a departing soul!
Bleeding at the altar
of deceit and foul.

Humility - what ancient term!
Prisoner of arrogance
Now slithering worm.

Love - a sightless fool!
Bought by riches
Strangled by cruel.

Peace - screams aloud!
Garland of grenades
Adorns crimson shroud.

Secular- what hypocrisy!
Love thy religion
Slain democracy.

Conscience - a stifled shout!
Unscrupulous ego
Ethics without.

Even though I am optimistic in nature... Im forced to write this poem... but still hoping that this scene will shift someday... still wishing on a fallen star that my country will escape from obnoxious clutches...


  1. Hey hey! just discovered your external blog ;)

    this one is just too good girl! brilliant! :D

    so strong!

  2. thanks a lot... nice to see you here...

  3. You've expressed the situation with a bang. I am sure many of us will relate with this powerful poem and it has such a deep impact on the mind. Hope things change for better.


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