My Hacks to Healthy Lifestyle

“Weight loss doesn't begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision.” 

You don't necessarily need fancy gadgets to start running, neither do you need expensive track-suits to do the first forward-lunge, or pay someone to learn how to plank. The most stubborn hurdle in your path to a healthy lifestyle is your MIND. It plays silly tricks you see, it misleads you about your capabilities and tries to glorify short-cuts. But train it and all your goals will start moving into done-done folder.

Just do it. First day. Second Day. Every day.

Without a doubt, training the body is much much easier than the mind.

I am a work in progress, and working on myself is probably one of my best endeavours. Unless you feel good about yourself, smile often and laugh heartily, how will you convince the world to do the same?

There is no shortcut, trust me. I was once naive enough to believe in crash courses - diets and workout routines, but whatever I lost would come back in half that time. If I can spend on moisturisers and go for hair spas, I can for sure do some push ups to keep my arms strong. 

It's not a struggle, it's an adventure when every day you realize how much more you can push yourself. You feel proud, you tell everyone, you smile, convince others and feel even more proud!!

So what do I do exactly? Let me just share few things that worked for me.

Break it down

Don't look at the big picture and go 'OMG! I can't do that!'. Split it. Have monthly goals, fortnightly or even weekly goals. Try to conquer bit by bit. This is why I love one-month challenges like push up or splits. If you are a beginner, google and you will find all kind of challenges. Find your groove, set your mind and do it. 

My living room is my gym :). I don't have a trainer, neither do I attend any class (although I really want to). Start with simple routine, follow it diligently and then move forward. The first thing I do while learning something new is read and watch videos on how NOT to do stuff. So if you are like me, invest some time to educate yourself.

And don't forget to celebrate small achievements - be it weight loss, plank challenges, staying away from fast food or even drinking water.

Here, sharing with you my YouTube playlist - Fitness.

Listen to your body

Well, you all know that Yoga is my mojo. I love all sort of core building moves and dancing too, which is an awesome workout in itself. 

But I can't run to even save my skin, my dislike for running increases with every meter I cover. There are so many options these days now - Zumba, pilates, cardio, weight training. Pick whatever works for you. Pack your kids and husband/wife and go indoor rock climbing, challenge a match of badminton, buy a skipping rope and start skipping, wear some trainers and go brisk walking or even swimming. 

Did I tell you that I learn swimming only last year? Because I was tired of being so afraid of water all the time.

And if nothing works, let yourself lose in the wilderness once in a while. Walk across rugged terrain, listen to the wild rustling of leaves and maybe even find yourself a waterfall ... to admire and write poems about.

Last year, hiking in Blue Mountains

Eat Healthy

Don't you cut down negative people or throw away things that bring back bad memories? Similarly you need to keep a tab of things that you are letting your body to process and absorb. If you read my blog, you would know what a nutcrack adventurous foodie I am. I don't hold back in trying out new cuisines, but not without maintaining a balance. 

I guess in that matter I have been fortunate as I dislike potato fries, didn't take much convincing three years ago to stop eating at KFC/McD, can't drink any soda drink as it burns my throat and rarely drink alcohol.

I prepare Indian cuisine that includes rice/roti with vegetables/lentils/beans. There's not a single vegetable I dislike and my husband has to drag we away from grocery stalls as I uncontrollably start hoarding vegetables in the cart. Once a week I prepare chicken and egg curry. Friday is my cheat day when I explore the corners of Sydney looking for awesome dumplings, Laksa or Tonkatsu.   I eat three times a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and about 3 cups of green tea in between. If I am hungry I snack on Sushi roll and have a big jar filled with unshelled walnuts in the kitchen cabinet (the only trouble with that is the resulting dent at the bottom of the cooker I use to break them :P If only I was that strong ... sigh!!! )

More tips in the below Infographics as well. 
Source Cotopaxi

I seriously hope I didn't sound preachy and scared away the readers.
 Do let me know your health hacks in the comment section.

Word hard and stay humble!

It's not a Double Chin, it's Swag Overload !!

"Hey, you seem to have gained some weight", a friend said when I met her after a break of few months.
"Really", I looked down wondering which part ... was it my tummy or the thighs ... no no it must be the toes.
"Oh it's on your face silly"

And that my friend is the story of my life. Welcome to the world of a round faced girl whose chin is always at risk. Actually, do you remember all those cheesy scenes where the Hero will delicately hold the Heroine's chin and gaze into her eyes, singing songs of yore? Well that's never going to happen to me. 'Coz I don't have a chin!! There's the nose, a mouth and then it all lumps together joining the neck. The anatomy of human face has stuff that my face could never fathom - like my invisible eyebrows.

Or take for example jawline. I see people can have lines along the face, angled at such perfection, as if drawn with a pencil and a ruler, chiseled by God himself. In my case, he was probably drawing a circle, that too freehand. I sometimes stretch my neck and push my face forward, just to see a semblance of jawline. Unfortunately, people throw weird looks when you go around walking like an Ostrich.

My face is like a mirror. Not only it is terrible at hiding my emotions, it shows the world what I ate the previous night - 'ohh it must be cheese filled pasta, garlic stuffed bread rolls and an Elephant'. It's no worse than a weighing scale, even a teeny tiny increase transforms into a glorious double chin. I sometimes see a triple chin too, lurking after a filling Hot-pot dinner session with my friends.

The first place where the fat deposits make home is my face, and that's the last place from where it will go (if that's ever going to happen). I do planks. I do push ups. I do yoga back bends in hope that one day the skin will hug the jaws. I even tried those outrageous kiss-the-ceiling face exercises that made me look even weirder than an Ostrich.

Now you know why I don't take selfies... I got too much swag under my chin!!

So while I wait for the jawline to appear, let me drink my rose infused green tea and be envious of all the single-chin people of this world.

Title of the post - courtesy Google


DIY Home Decor - Quilling, Wool & a Bottle

This is a story about a lonely glass bottle and a yarn of wool. The bottle was lying in the kitchen, moping, ready to be thrown out when the colourful wool came to the rescue. Along with a handmade paper Dahlia and some quilling rolls, our little bottle got a complete makeover.

I bought this yarn at Lincraft sale without any project in mind. It has been with me for months. Now that the temperature sometimes drop to -2 Degree Celsius, I hardly venture outside during weekends. That means, more time for paper craft projects. :D

The process was pretty simple, I applied some craft glue around the bottle and started wrapping the wool around it. Once that was one, I made a Dahlia following this tutorial.


And here's how it looks, among my lovely succulents and cactus.

For more on Zentangles, 3D Origami, Quilling and other Papercrafts check out my Facebook Page - The Art of Folding a Paper or my blog Page

Distracted ... Are You?

So I was reading some answers on, trying to figure out how to maintain sequencing in Rabbit MQ (message-queueing software that currently we are using in our project at work). I happened to scroll down the Hot questions list on the side bar to find more answers when I came across   this - What exactly happened to Ariana when Dumbledor and Grindelwald fought? 

Yup that question definitely has more priority than anything else (Harry Potter Fans would understand).  I ended up reading the whole QnA page. Btw both Dumbledore and Grindleward didn’t know whose spell killed her, but I think Dumbledore feels guilty that it might have been his as he was the stronger out of the two. But still he is not sure who actually killed her… the curse might have bounced on the object….

Damn I am doing it again!! I don't know how I ended up from a technology page to a fantasy world.

Back to work… Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!!


Today is the last day of Write Tribe Festival Of Words 5. Thank you Write Tribe for this blogging event and for sharing so many useful tips with every post. I hope we will get to see more of Festival of Words :)

Day3 - Zentangle

My Favourite Fit Girls on Instagram

'The expert at anything was once a beginner.'
- Helen Hayes

We all start somewhere after all.

This is my fan-girling moment :D I might even sound like a stalker, probably I am. Because I love all these awesome girls on Instagram who have been inspiring me every single day by their pictures and posts. They are the DREAM... the ultimate dream of fitness. I am not talking about of weight loss or body types - but about determination, hard work and perseverance. Behind that beautiful picture, is hidden incredible strength.

Remember how I always talk about Muffintop Massacre, well that's one of her workout videos. I started my fitness journey following Blogilates - Cassey Ho's channel on Youtube. Her energy is so contagious that you cannot help but keep going on and on.

Deepika Mehta - a Mumbai based fitness expert

This free spirit is absolutely inspiring

Robin Martin

Hold your jaw as it might drop after you have a look at her Instagram account. What I find most inspiring is her transformation pictures. As I said, we all start somewhere.

Kino MacGregor

"With more than 15 years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga, she is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practice through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga." - Source

If I want to learn a new Yoga Asana, I head to her Youtube Channel. Most postures are broken down for both beginners and advanced practitioners, easier to understand and a lot less intimidating.

Amanda Bisk

Former Australian Pole Vaulter and now Yoga Instructor (among other things) is the ultimate health goal.

Do you feel inspired already?

Day1 - Please Let me drown in the dishwasher
Day2 - My Little Garden
Day3 - Zentangle
Day4 - 5 Friends Moments we all have experienced
Day5 - When Husband dons the Apron

When Husband dons the Apron

So when the Husband dons the Apron, the Kitchen smells like all things nice and delicious.


This is his specialty ... savior on a lazy day when the fridge contains nothing interesting... or when we need a change of flavor... Penne and Fusilli Pasta, cooked in white sauce, mushrooms and capsicum.

Poori and Aalu Masala

I have been craving poori for a really long time. The lack of any roti making skills in me doesn't help either. So one weekend, we just decided to experiment. He mixed the flour, added Kasuri Methi and Jeera into the dough and started making small round rotis. I stood by the wok, filled with dangerous amount of oil ready to fry them really nice. As a result  ---- ting!!! 
Aalu Masala recipe

Liver Fry

I am a total barbarian when it comes to Liver. Finished half kg in two meals. The amount of cholesterol in my body must have risen to lethal limits. But I can't help it. He made it so tasty.


Another lazy day recipe, when he adds some extra zing to Chings Noodles.

Paneer Bhurji

That's the latest recipe my husband tried after Googling and watching some Youtube videos. 

Now you know why I have to kill myself on the mat doing Muffin-top Massacre workouts.

5 'Friends' Moments We All have Experienced

Watching Friends with me can be a messy affair, because at least twice I have choked and spit food on my poor husband, laughing hard, watching the same episode over and over again. The jokes never get old. I am pretty sure at some point you all would have related to the characters and moments.

Sharing with you some of my favorite top 5 real life Friends moments

When Monica makes Rachel snip all her credit cards and delivers this iconic life changing dialogue -"Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it." 

Leaving home sucks, managing expenses is a headache, but who doesn't love being independent. Though I never had any credit cards to snip.

That moment when you know all the secrets (courtesy a BBC friend), but still need to act like it's "brand new information". And you need to play the part right - the emotion, the expression, the decibel level of your voice.

For times when you eat that extra chicken leg piece or take one more helping of Chole Masala, the desperate times when you need to make some space for your gut. I have all-you-can-eat tees and skirts for Friday and the rest of the week it's mostly take-just-one-sip-of-water pencil skirt.

When even the smile of the new office guy is more gorgeous than your whole fricking existence.

We all have that one friend, who lives and breathes poetry ... and then makes you read them too (me me me)

Zentangle & Botanical Drawing

I am back with my recent Zentangle drawing. This one took a lot of time mostly because I had to look up new patterns to draw. I learnt few new patterns (forgot their names though)
At this point I was totally lost on what to draw next.

The Final Look

I attended a Botanical Drawing Workshop by Sydney illustrator Adriana Picker, author of book The Garden of Earthly Delights. Her sketches and illustrations are absolutely amazing. The workshop was held at Kinokuniya Book store, where Adriana showed us some of her beautiful works and gave us few assignments to work on - both with left and right hand. We then discussed on which app she uses for colouring, the brand of pen and paper to draw and how she comes up with ideas. Have a look!!

Day1 - Please Let me drown in the dishwasher
Day2 - My Little Garden
Day3 - Zentangle
Day4 - 5 Friends Moments we all have experienced
Day5 - When Husband dons the Apron
Day6 - My favourite Fit Girls on Instagram

My Little Garden

The word Garden brings back memories of home. Of my Mom diligently watering the potted plants and my Dad painting the clay pots red. Of rose grafting 'taken' from friends, relatives and random parks and white lilies growing in metal ammunition boxes. Since Dad served in Armed Forces, the ammunition boxes served the purpose of pots in my home, while huge wooden boxes were turned into tables and beds. 

To me Garden is synonymous with settling down. Like how a root attaches itself to the soil and then gradually grows. So when I saw a pair of yellow roses blooming in the front-yard, along with Gerbera and Camellias, I had this sudden realization of being settled, of being stationery. I guess you will understand the gravity of my feeling more when I tell you that I have changed 8 homes in the last 10 years.

Let me take you on a stroll today - along my little garden :)

Till last week little orange insects were having a feast on the leaves of my beautiful plants. I went to Bunnings over the weekend and got some insecticide and fertilizers. The insects are all gone now but as the temperature is dropping to 2 degrees, I am worried if my Tomato seedlings will survive the cold. The chilies have been re-potted, ready to be fertilised. Seems like I won't be harvesting any vegetables until Spring.

I am trying to propagate Succulents. I had taken a Rosetta cutting from a garden and planted it in a well draining soil. I was so happy to see the roots develop after waiting for more than 3 weeks {that tub like pot in the front}

This is my favorite plant, but I don't know what it's called.

Cycads are now placed near sun facing window :)

So do you own any indoor plants?

Please let me drown in the Dishwasher

I was in the office kitchen, loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes. Every week a Kitchen Duty roster is prepared and a team of 7-8 employees are randomly picked to share the responsibility of maintaining the general cleanliness of the office kitchen.

I was too busy looking down, figuring out where to cramp that extra coffee-stained cup. Someone walked by and said Hello. I replied with a cheery Hello and looked up, only to see that the most gorgeous guy in the office had said hello into the phone.

In that flash of a second I wondered if there was enough space in the dishwasher for me jump in and drown. The fridge is big too, I could throw out all the food and freeze inside.

We both laughed out aloud. He was courteous enough to keep the other person on hold, and apologized for not saying Hello to me first ... I was too embarrassed and managed to replied only in vowels.

With that I stuffed that extra coffee cup somewhere in the corner and ran to my desk. People wonder why I don't loiter around the kitchen any more.


Did you suffer any embarrassing incident recently? Please say yes :P


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